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On T.I.M.E. Success Coaching Program


Image of On T.I.M.E. Success Coaching Program

Want to start a new business venture but need that extra motivational push?

Want to embrace a new personal journey but need help along the way?

Have you ever thought about hiring a life coach to assist you in achieving your goals and dreams?

The On T.I.M.E. Success Coaching Program is a three-month comprehensive life coaching program ($300 per month = $900 total) where we will focus on enhancing your current talents and gifts by fueling them with the necessary tools to succeed. There are four keys to achieving personal greatness, in which we will carefully walk you through each step. I will provide (1) one hour one-on-one coaching session per week via phone conference. We will focus on the following areas and topics throughout the On T.I.M.E. curriculum:

Self-Worth and Confidence
Faith and Execution
Hard Work and Dedication
Branding and Responsibility

At the conclusion of the program, you will be able to fully accept and embrace yourself as the person God intended you to be - a confident, powerful and determined individual who strives for greatness daily.